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March 2016

Wrist Watch Optical Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate monitors have been widely used nowadays not only for medical purposes but also to fitness routines. It monitors the pace of the heart especially during workout. It would be a useful tool to find the the target zone... Continue Reading →


Centralize Light Switch using QTouch

The lighting control of modern building is now into touch panel. It provides convenience to lighting control because it becomes more compact unlike the typical 2-way switch. In this design, it features single-key QTouch touch sensor IC that have one-configurable... Continue Reading →

Wireless Relay Control using IC2262/2272 and ATmega328PB

The AVR ATmega328PB device is an 8-bit microcontroller with 32KB program memory size. This new PB version features an additional USART and SPI communication interface. It has also increased the number of available timers or counters. A new Port E... Continue Reading →

MCP9600 Thermocouple EMF to Temperature Converter

A thermocouple is a device that acts as a temperature to voltage transducer. It is composed of two different wires. One end of the wires is welded together. This end is referred as junction end. The other end of the... Continue Reading →

Buck Converter with Resistor-Based Current Sensing

Buck converters are electrical circuit that effectively transfer energy from a DC voltage source to a load. It is transferred through electronic switches to energy storage devices and subsequently switched from storage into the load. The switches are transistors and... Continue Reading →

40W Printer Power Supply

A printer is a commercially available imaging product that operates as a hard copy output device and is able to accept data from input devices used by the users. Some available imaging products today serve as a multifunction device (MDF).... Continue Reading →

4.5V to 36V Full-Bridge DC Motor Driver

A full-bridge DC motor driver configuration is an electronic circuit that enables a voltage across the motor in either direction. It allows DC motors to rotate forwards or backwards. This particular design is an evaluation kit for MAX14871 DC motor... Continue Reading →

STWBC Wireless Battery Charger Transmitter

Wireless charging is the process of transferring power from transmitter to the receiver end without any physical connection. This method of charging electronic devices contributes to ease in charging and even convenience to user. The reference design being shown is... Continue Reading →

TPS63050 Tiny-Single-Inductor Buck-Boost Converters

A buck boost converter is a type of DC-DC converter that uses a single inductor, which has an output voltage that is either greater than or less than the input voltage magnitude. This reference design is an evaluation module (EVM)... Continue Reading →

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