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April 2016

40W Class-D Audio Amplifier with Digital Master Volume Control

Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Audio System

Low-Power Buffered Voltage-Output DAC

A digital-to-analog converter (DAC) converts digital data into an analog signal in terms of either current or voltage output. Nowadays, most DACs are implemented as integrated circuits. This reference design utilizes the DAC8562, which is a 16-bit, dual, low power,... Continue Reading →


Fingerprint Drawer Lock

An electromechanical solenoid is a device that uses electrical energy to produce linear motion. It consists of a coil with a slug of metal in the middle. When current passes through the coil, the slug is pulled into the center... Continue Reading →

Aquarium Fish Feeder Timer Controller Circuit

Mobile Phone SiSonic Microphone Interface

The mobile phone is one of the most electronic device today. It continue to be developed that some of them are build with sophistication. However, the major purpose of the device stay the same, it is to communicate to other... Continue Reading →

5V Qi wireless charger for A11 Qi coils

The technologies today are rapidly advancing, the day that charging your smartphones wirelessly is here. The convenience of charging your phone without plugging a cable into it is one of the advantages of wireless charging technology. The difference between wired... Continue Reading →

Open Loop Magnetic Field Sensing Evaluation Module

A magnetic field sensor is an electromechanical device that is used for detecting and measuring magnetic fields. This device is designed for single-axis magnetic field-sensing applications. It enables electrically isolated, high-sensitivity, and precise DC and AC field measurements. The fluxgate... Continue Reading →

Wireless Motor Monitor

Monitoring equipments and to maintain its top condition is one way to minimize cost of replacement and downtime during operation. Industrial motors are one vital equipment in industrial plant that runs everyday and maintaining its condition using manual checking takes... Continue Reading →

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