Data and Transceiver Equalizer for Broadcast and Surveillance Cameras.png

“Data Signal Equalizer for Efficient Information Recovering”

Most of the commercial establishments are now equipped with surveillance cameras or Closed-circuit television (CCTV). It provides peace of mind to the owner of the establishment especially if its business enlists with different products and a number of employees. With this application, it requires data transmission and power over the same cable with external inductors. This data transmission over the cable with power may have possible issues on the attenuation of signal that can add up to the transmission line lengths issues. This will require equalizer that ensures the signal in the reception. This EQCO62R20.3 chipset is designed to work with several types of 75Ω coaxial cable. It supports up to 212m of cables at 1.25Gbps or up to 68m of cables at 6.25Gbps.Read more