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When vehicles were first invented, the only light it has was for forward vision. At that time, there are few vehicles, so communications to other vehicles are not that important. The rapid increase of vehicles raises the need of a way of communicating other vehicles. Thus, the lighting system of vehicles is made. One of this is the tail light. The tail lights are colored red for it associates with stop, danger or alarm. Tail light are not only used in vehicles but also in bicycles. The tail lights in bicycle how ever are usually taken for granted since people think it just a bike and usually ridden at the side of the road. Unlike the headlight, which can light up the area in front of you, which clearly needed at night. The lack of emphasis of the use of the tail lights and the cost cause it to be taken for granted, thinking that the headlight will be enough. The tail light is used to increase the cyclist visibility to other vehicles and motion approximation of the vehicle behind. This can aid in the visibility of the user from other vehicles on the road. The designed circuit is a tail light that uses the QBLP670D-R-ND LEDs in a pseudo-rotating order. Read More